cow essay five lines

sizes and colours. She is a huge body domestic animal with two eyes, two ears, two horns, four legs and a long tail. She eats green grasses, grains, foods, hay, fodder and other things.

Everyone gives respect to the cow like a mother. She chews her food well in the mouth and then swallows. It is found in different shapes and sizes. He is helpful to the Peasants to plough their fields and if it is female calf then she will be cow which serves us as her mother. She has two ears. Cow is called by everyone as Gau Mata to give her mother like status in the Hindu religion. In this reference, Indian government has taken scoring sat essay rubric an appreciable step towards saving the cows life. The cow is a symbol of divine bounty on the earth to human beings. In India, she is called as Gaou Mata. She has lot of benefits to the human beings. It is of great importance for the people of Hindu religion. For Hindus, she is a holy animal as it is considered that worshipping a cow may easily happy all Gods and Goddesses.

Find paragraph, long and sho rt essay on Cow for your Kids, Children and Students. The cow topic is one the most asked topics is the school for a s hort essay. Students asked to write 5, 10 to 15 lines short essay or speech. We have provided below various cow essay under two categories of short.

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