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video is still out there means the scientific establishment (plus Al Gore, who used it in his Climate Reality Project are complicit in scientific fraud in order to advance the alarmist global warming narrative. By continuing to feed the lust for material items, the economy now runs as a gigantic waste machine of consumerism, with all this waste ending up in landfills and in our oceans. Also note that only the red portion represents actual measured temperatures - the rest is based on the assumption that one can interpret past temperatures from examining ancient tree rings or ice core samples from centuries-old ice locked in glaciers. . That's simple addition: Water (H2O) amu Nitrogen (N2) amu Oxygen (O2) amu Carbon Dioxide (CO2) amu Remember, we're rounding off to the nearest whole number, and amu means Atomic Mass Units.

Byrd downloaded her snapshots; he saved it in his personal file. If the hockey stick tip continues to rise (lift starts going upward, the audience holds its breath ) then. And, if all of the available heat in that spectrum is indeed being captured by the current CO2 levels before leaving the atmosphere, then adding more CO2 to the atmosphere won't matter a bit. Anthropogenic Effects, the reason as to why global warming is such an issue today is because of the problem that humans are creating with anthropogenic contributions to greenhouse gasses. Some of this is actually good. . Melting does not occur in particular paths across the ice sheet, except when being zapped by aliens in UFO's. Yes, CO2 is plant food, needed for photosynthesis. Michael Mann provided its first global exposure. . As Monckton explains in this video, the true goals at the annual climate meetings include levying heavy global taxes that will bankrupt the financial industry, redistributing wealth from Western nations to developing countries for their so-called climate debt, and eventually shutting down capitalism around the.

Essay on, causes of, global Warming in English, causes of, global Warming Essay 1 (100 words global warming is the gradual warming of the earth surface because of the continuous increasing in the temperature of the atmosphere due to some natural and human made causes. Causes and Effects of, global Warming Essay 2371 Words 10 Pages. The idea of global warming.