rangoli essay in marathi

remark that since the Prime Minister has said so, just keep sleeping, there is no need to wake up and study. It inspired linking these two dates. Make our country clean and green. I will be going this time to Chandigarh to participate in the programme on 21st June. It is the well-off people, who do not pay their taxes and bills as they have higher connections and know that nobody is going to ask or do anything against them.

rangoli essay in marathi

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It so happened that once I was interacting with Indian youth in San Jose town of America hailed as a Technology Hub. Nowadays many cities in our country are witnessing cycle use and there are many people promoting its use. Similarly, Lal Bahadur Shastriji generally insisted on conservation of trees, plants and vegetation and also highlighted the importance of an improvised agricultural infrastructure. So expectations get hyped up to such an extent that if corresponding success is not achieved, these turn into despair and even resentment. The Government and the opposition both are putting forth their view points. The first necessity for a healthy life is cleanliness. I congratulate these young friends and members of the school in Chandrapur, from the core of my heart. What happens in the examination hall is over and done there itself. This festival is now also celebrated in some parts of the world. In rural areas too, people can buy or sell through aeps and they can also win rewards.

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