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soft drinks, could be subject to a tax, or VAT could be extended to foods that are currently zero-rated but have a high fat content . Sallis JF, Glanz. Assessing obesity: are ethnic differences in body mass index and waist classification criteria justified? An experimental evaluation of a prototype public access nutrition information system for supermarkets. Non significant weight loss, mann. It will introduce evidence found via literature search described on Chapter 2: Methodology. However, there could be potential difficulties tempest essay band 6 implementing the tax and while being economically justified it is unclear how high the tax should be to prevent the UK citizens from buying unhealthy snacks and drinks . Stopping free NHS treatments related to obesity such as gastric bands. 09 women (mild ID 8 obese).

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Legal restrictions on fast food chains binding them to reduce the amounts of saturated fat/sugar/salt in their products. Can the food industry play a constructive role in the obesity epidemic? One possibility is to tax the nutrient contents of foods such that those containing more fat or salt, for example, are taxed more heavily. Follow-up of one year. World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research. Asians are different from Caucasians and from each other in their body mass index/body fat per cent relationship. Zhang X, Shu XO, Gao YT, Yang G, Matthews CE, Li Q, Li H, Jin F, Zheng. To reduce obesity rates means to use a combination of approaches and to evaluate an impact the policies make). Public health strategies for obesity treatment and prevention.