pro smoking ban essay

cigarettes on the ground wherever they are. Ask our professional writer! Thus, when smoking is not allowed in public areas it reminds people that health care is very important.

Smoking, should be, banned in all Public Places M Try this ielts essay! Ban, smoking in Public Places

His views on the smoking ban. Many people look down. In addition, the CDC also states that, The California Environmental Protection Agency estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes approximately 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 22,700-69,600 heart disease deaths annually among adult nonsmokers in theUnited States (CDC, 2009). In an article in the Washington Post a bar tender shares. Smoking is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death, and yet people continue to partake in this addictive substance. There is a saying that goes monkey see monkey do, which tells us that people imitate the actions of others as they see it in their daily lives.

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Children are easily influenced in their growing stages. Besides that, the essays on symbolic interactionism theory ban will eliminate the bad example set fort by people smoking in the public. Furthermore, smoking will no longer be an issue when it comes to the influence of peers because nobody is allowed to smoke in public, so peers cannot pressure a person to start smoking. This theory is proven in a report published in The Daily Mail (2008 stating, At least 400,000 people inEngland have quit smoking as a result of the ban on lighting up in public places that was introduced last July. In conclusion, Smoking should be prohibited, at least some of the places where families gather around like park. However, smoking does not only affect the smoker negatively. The Wiltshire Times (2007) postulates, New research shows that one in ten smokers claim to have quit and over half of south west smokers have thought about quitting since the nationwide ban was introduced on July. People who smoke in public portray a bad example. This is because by banning smoking in public areas the government sends the message that the government cares about the health of the citizens and that the government discourages people from smoking.

Should, smoking be, banned?

pro smoking ban essay