women rights in islam essay

and if you behave badly towards him, you will be sure of receiving punishment'.' Of course not all mothers are aware of the. "Imam Rida (a.s) stated: 'The greatest gain for a man is a faithful woman who, when she sees him, becomes happy and protects his property and her own honor in his absence'.". Lust and sexual drive soon subside. You must have seen wealthy people whose house, despite containing many luxurious items, is boring, and there are poor people whose houses, because of being orderly, are enjoyable to look. You can relax by sightseeing and visiting ancient buildings.

Teach your children not to play noisily while their father is working. This preference may be either for economical or other reasons. As his wife, he expects you to show respect and encouragement at home and thereby boost his trampled ego. If he is reading or researching on a college essay cartoons particular field, then do not disturb him. Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have also been age-old issues all over the world. It is possible that they may shatter their family life over a trivial matter. Be careful not to lie, otherwise she will become suspicious. You should then help pack up and move to new places where you must try to feel at home. Let her read your letters even before you. He may even go astray and follow a corrupt path.

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