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from the more patient, pastoral ambient terrain hes traversed on past releases. From cover art to sound, In Between Words has a much warmer tone to it than. In Between Words is Windsor, ON resident Christopher Bissonnettes second album for Kranky, Bissonnette has been a part of the fragmented Canadian ambient landscape for years now as a member of the Thinkbox Collective. Is the Thinkbox Collective still an ongoing entity? That is not to say that we wont continue to work together again.

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I wasnt really interested in repeating myself. Ive considered my last few years as being somewhat more light-hearted, despite a natural tendency to produce melancholic and sometimes moody sounds. Periphery kranky Records, 2005 in Between Words (Kranky, 2007 the Banal and the Profound (Chat Blanc, 2010 the Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude with. The collective, composed of six members, released a compilation entitled. We all decided to focus on some personal projects. References edit, retrieved from " ". In Between Words, I focused on more field recordings and studio recorded elements. We still perform together from time to time. A few of the members also moved to outside of the Windsor/Detroit area, so group endeavours have become increasingly difficult.

Essays in Idleness finds Bissonnette limiting his explorations to a single homemade modular synthesizer, which at first seemed slightly disappointing of a prospect. My intentions going into this project were somewhat different than. Cover art included, I intended to create a somewhat warmer artefact. Periphery, but creative output has a way of designing itself.

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