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like, My god! The most memorable video essays Ive seen bring an element to the fore symmetry in Wes Anderson, first shots. 4, video essayists edit, frequently cited examples of video essayists and series include: 6. What video-essays end up accomplishing, from a certain point of view, videography entails a circular movement: 1 the student watches an audio-visual artifact, a film; 2 she then reads about it, discusses it with her peers and the professor in class; and this translates the. I specifically worked towards implementing the making of video essays in all of my film courses, and more specifically. I have started a Vimeo page where I am collecting some of the outstanding video-essays made by students: m/album/4100674, although without an artist statement, this video-essay on the transgressive rock musical. The major challenge, of course, was to find a way to gradually teach the tools to think and produce knowledge audio-visually. Free-form because the format and rhetorical strategies can differ wildly from one video essay to the next. Video essays take advantage of the structure and language of film to advance their arguments.

Video-essays in my film courses, in both of the courses mentioned above, I replaced the previous emphasis on papers with videography. Many of them simmer, and are no less remarkable for simmering, but some of them boil. Agnes Vardas Search for Meaning from, fandor Keyframe on, vimeo. Can video essays be used in courses other than film?

A video essay is a piece of video content that, much like a written essay, advances an argument. That holds everything together: anything the essayist might say in a piece has that in its backdrop, that, in the range of experiences available to connoisseurs of culture, the experience they most wish to examine, and probe, and on whose examination they will spend hours. Thats what makes the video essay such an exciting new form, because now we have to combine the criteria by which we measure good critical thinking with good filmmaking as well. Its an interesting thing to think about, especially because this might be one of the first times where the line between a critique and the piece in which it is critiquing has been blurred. In general, the video essay can be described as the concise, free-form audiovisual equivalent of the written essay. This much said, let me add that a few of video-essays I got in cams 266 last Spring were outstanding see links below.

For me, a video essay is distinct from a film because the work that is being done is about creating this kind of analytic framework for the viewer and reader to re-interpret or re-imagine original images. Another rule, possibly contradictory, is that something of the essayist has to come forward in the piece. 5, in addition to teaching students technical production skills needed to make a video essay, students also learn of the impact a combination of images and sound can have on an audience. Words and ideas must somehow be transmuted into images and sounds, inter-titles and voice-overs, musical soundtracks and split-screens for comparison purposes. Fandors Keyframe : I dont think one can so neatly separate a video essay from a reworked version of a film nearly all video essays qualify as reworked versions as a film. In his research note, film criticism, film scholarship and the video essay, Andrew Mcwhirter makes very interesting observations about both the essay film and the video essay, about their affinities and shared lineage. And how much (if at all) should video essayist concern themselves with the original filmmakers intent?

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