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sees his life physically compromised, and "the days have narrowed as they must. The result is "Essays After Eighty a mix of autobiography and reflection as he grew more incapacitated by old age and illness. Its better to sit at the window all day, pleased to watch birds, barns, and flowers. "In the past I was often advised to live in the moment he recalls. 13) Homework Help Donald Hall Homework Help Questions Ask a question Related Study Guides Popular Study Guides New Study Guides. Poet no essay college scholarships 2012 laureate Hallalso a biographer, childrens book writer, and literary criticwrites that poetry abandoned him after he turned 85, but his prose writing endures and sustains him. Principal Works (Contemporary Literary Criticism fantasy Poets. Before senescence my grandmother looked out the window at Mount Kearsarge, five miles to the south. Jane and I drove down from New Hampshire to care for her when she came home. Twenty years later, my circles narrow. We hugged and laughed together, taking pictures, until I watched my mothers gaiety collapse into exhaustion.

Balancing frankness about losses with humor and gratitude.
Washington Post A fine book of remembering all sorts of things past, Essays, after Eighty is to be treasured.
Essays from a very old poet, Donald Hall, about aging, old age, death, and life.
Generally interesting but sometimes a little dull, the essays ranged in topic from local wildlife, nature, marriage and relationships, deaths of spouses, vices, art, poetry, and the silliness and trappings of fame.
Essays, after Eighty by, donald Hall.

My fingers are clumsy and slow with buttons. When snow is as thick as today, the feeder bends under the weight of a dozen birds at once. Poet Laureate Hall (Christmas at Eagle Pond, 2012, etc.) reflects on aging, death, the craft of writing and his beloved landscape of New Hampshire. Decline and Visit Plain Text Site. I teeter when I walk, I no longer drive, I look out the window. New poems no longer come to me, with their prodigies of metaphor and assonance.

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8 (November 1996 16164. In the following roundtable discussion, poets Hall, Cynthia Huntington, Heather McHugh, Paul Muldoon, and Charles Simic discuss their favorite poems and what makes them special. Concrete images propel his sentences, and he is a master of momentum and suspense. Snow started before I woke, and by now it looks to be ten inches; they say we might have a foot and a half. I look at the barn forty yards away, which heaves like a frigate in a gale. They hang on to a rusty horseshoe, permanently nailed to the doorjamb by my grandparents, which provides a toehold for their elongated bodies.

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essays by donald hall