capital punishment deter crime essay

no evidence that proves that it deters or minimizes crime in any way. It is a humane method of giving punishment. Those who agree say that the death penalty takes one more person off the street so that he or she can't commit such a heinous act again. Of the people executed, 53 of them white and 18 of them were black. Share it with us in the comment section below. This has been the case in other countries as well for periods of time where the underlying purpose is to deter crime. Crimes such as robbery and assault put our lives at risk, but these crimes do not warrant the death penalty. In the countries of China and Saudi Arabia, the government's claim that their death penalty does in fact deter much crime. There are many people who agree that capital punishment is a deterrent to crime.

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A must for repeat offenders: People who have the nagging habit of committing a crime on a regular basis should be awarded capital punishment to apply a full stop to their deadly habit of causing problems to the society. Capital punishment is the ultimate penalty which can be imposed on a person for a wrongful action as is defined by the state. Any government participating in such a thing surely believes that capital punishment itself is deterrence, not necessarily its extensive use.(Hood and Hoyle 321) The American government has taken on a more traditional and conservative view on the subject than Canada in the past few decades. We are supposed to be a society that respects human life; deliberately killing human being contradicts what many citizens of other countries envy. It wastes time and energy of courts, judges and money. (Hood and Hoyle 320)This is a great indication for Canada that the justice system became more reliable in finding and persecuting homicide offenders with the maximum sentence after removing the penalty. The rate of crime against women and children has been increasing at a brisk pace especially in the societies that are transitioning from developing judith jarvis thomson abortion thesis to the developed stage. Retribution is just another word for revenge, and the desire for revenge is one of the lowest forms of human emotion. (Hood and Hoyle 320).

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