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salmonellae, 132:869-872, December 1973. Institute of Molecular Biology, ussr, Personal Communication, July. Might not such blunting be avoided by proper nutritional preparation prior to immunization? When our observations first forced us to examine the possibility of immunization being a health hazard, under certain conditions at least, it seemed rather absurd and very puzzling.

In a personal communication with Professor Bayev (1974) concerning the common factors of his and Bechamp's work, Bayev states: "Self restoration of the molecule from its parts was obtained with pure transfer ribonucleic acid from bakers yeasts. Clearly, moreover, we have not examined sufficiently the whole matter of nutrition-immunization-quality antibody interactions and a consideration of these factors in light of Bechamp's work would seem long overdue at this time. Rubella At a recent seminar held at the University of Melbourne, Australia,. In a trial group of recruits who were immunized it was observed that they produced antibodies as a result of their vaccination; however, 80 of these apparently immune recruits became infected with rubella when exposed to it in an area known to have and annual. Of the British Association for the Advancement of Sciences (Porter, 1971 and Figure 2 appeared in an article published in Scientific American, written by Professor John Dingle (1973). Tech., Special Issue. We often found ourselves borrowing from his courage to stand for what he believes as we struggled to be heard above the rigid drums of orthodox medicine in Australia and elsewhere. Such an investigation, we feel, will cause one of the biggest medical upsets of the century, and we welcome inquiries from those who decide to contribute to bringing the light of understanding to this important subject. Systematic vaccination started in 1905 and since its introduction case mortality increased alarmingly. Time and space prevent us from presenting more disturbing dissertation abstracts in music figures from the Australian and American medical literature; however, we are reminded by Burnet,., that an antibody does not of necessity mean immunity! An acid fast dye and dark ground illumination are necessary to demonstrate the cryptococcus in its many forms displayed through its life cycle.

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