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Ask our professional writer! The Underground Man uses this as a reason to reject the idea of a perfect socialist society referred to as ". Madera The story teaches us different outlooks in life that everyone must choose in order for them to live an achieving living. Notes from the Underground, fyodor Dostoevsky was an influential psychologist renowned for interweaving his psychological and ideological beliefs into his masterpiece fiction pieces. Suffering, the Underground Man argues, is enjoyable, particularly when you're conscious. I feel that I now have the knowledge many people will never be blessed with. This will help them to learn the basic rules of investing alongwith financial education. That's why when he started to miss his dad or had a rough day, he would take the truck out for a spin on old back roads with country music playing on the radio, it made him feel like his dad was riding shotgun right. Further Reading (Short Story Criticism amoia, Alba.

Despite his surroundings of mire and filth, he sometimes experiences attacks of "the sublime and beautiful. They were mocked by their friends for not having the latest clothes and toys, and they decided they needed to learn how to make money. He is alienated from those around him and he finds it impossible to interact with them normally. This was what the author called being trapped in the Rat Race. Argues that notes presents "a deeper, more satisfying account of freedom than that of rebellious, irrational caprice.". The Underground Man considers that we may someday figure out all the laws of nature, and then be able to predict what everyone will do, think, and want. The first story concerns an officer who greatly offended our narrator bytaking him by the shoulders and moving him out of the way one night in a tavern.

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Why did the black race have thoughts of their lives as a white person?
Bily wrote in her essay that this story about how white racism oppresses African Americans (which is profoundly true) she gathers information from.