effects of earthquake essays

their jobs as their places of work are reduced to rumbles. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Families too are broken as some lose their loved ones. Introduction, in the recent past, earthquakes have become a common phenomenon. The economies of these nations are still trying to recuperate from the effects with the help of the rest of the world. Destroyed homes condemn most people to poverty life. Moreover, underwater fault ruptures and seismically-triggered landslides can generate destructive tsunami waves. Non-durable buildings may be destroyed because of concussion of the earthquake. I also explored researches on the number of people who have been left homeless and now living in camps.

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Even though most of the government takes measures to rout out earthquakes, they essay on anne frank 3953 are disappointed. Businesses are forced to close permanently after incurring inflated losses. As a very clear seen, damaging to buildings is directly proportional with earthquakes. They also cause a lot of panic to the affected people with some experiencing a permanently changed life there after. This report extensively looks into the effects of earthquakes on people and businesses. However, buildings can be designed or structured to withstand earthquakes but it consumes a lot of money and every country strives to save the expenses incurred while constructing one.